Pink Happy {LUXE BLANKET} Super Soft Oversized Blanket

  • Gorgeous and Luxuriously soft blanket that will keep you stylish and warm -- all year long! The inverted colorway is just one added feature to set this blanket apart from all the rest! 
  • The high end packaging and design will make you think this belongs in a department store!  Each blanket is folded and tied with designer ribbon and plastic wrapped to keep clean and brand new!
  • Size:  Large oversized blanket at 50 x 70 in. (they weigh 2.4 pounds each)
  • Material:  100% Polyester Microfilber Feather Yarn Fiber (SOFT)
  • Care Instructions:  Please lovingly care for your Blanket and Keep it Super Soft by following these directions:  Machine wash, gentle cycle, cold & tumble dry low!  This material is so soft and doesn't like super hot dryers.  Be sure to tumble dry low.  Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener.