About Us

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Twisted Buffalo Boutique is an online-based boutique that's a little different than your "normal" boutique.... Here's WHY:

Who I Am...

First and Foremost: Let me tell you a little bit about crazy, chaotic self. My name is Sarah Jones. I am the mother to 5 of the smartest, most adorable, yet so mischievous children you will EVER meet: two girls and three boys, ages:  9, 7, 5, 4 & 1.  I also teach Pre-K in my Hometown of Canton, Oklahoma. I've been married to my husband James for 11 years. We also own/operate a local quick stop, Canton One Stop for the past 10 years. With all that, we know, we are crazy, insane, and it's never a dull moment around our house.

Back Story (Isn't there always a good Back Story?)

Several years back, I absolutely fell in love with the soft tees that we sell and have since become a HUGE V-Neck snob. Soon, others really liked the shirts and started requesting them. The Twisted Buffalo Boutique started out as a booth space in local craft mall and in June of 2016, we created a Facebook VIP Group Page (www.facebook.com/groups/TwistedBuffaloBoutique)  and we have steadily grown and opened up our current Website in March of 2017!  In September of 2017, I had a crazy idea to come up with an adorable shirt, BUT sell it as a Mystery.  I mean, I LOVE Surprises, so why not throw the idea around about a Mystery Shirt.  It took off and since then we've created a new Mystery Shirt of the Month and Matching Erimish Bracelet set since September of 2016.  You can view our Entire Mystery Shirt Collection Here:  https://twistedbuffaloboutique.com/collections/twisted-buffalo-mystery-shirt-collection
In The Summer of 2018, We transitioned to All In Stock Items except Mystery Shirts and the occasional pre-order.

I take pride in finding CUTE items that are affordable and make you feel GREAT!  I try to give back whenever possible and have unique giveaways and mini-contests because I KNOW you have other options and I want to make sure you know you're appreciated here!   I hope that you will find something you absolutely "could not" live without :)

Thanks again!  Sarah :)

Email:  twistedbuffaloboutique@gmail.com