Organic Pet Collar {WILD THING} Leopard - Antique Brass Hardware


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So fun! This collar is adorned with a very fun brown leopard print fabric. We've also gone ahead and adorned it with a matching brown buckle. As always, this vintage style fabric covers our unique organic cotton webbing! :) 


CAT: 3/8" ((.95 cm)) width:: 8-12 inches (20.3cm-30.5cm)
X-SMALL DOG: 3/8" ((.95 cm)) width:: 6-10 inches (15.3-25.4cm)
SMALL: 1/2" ((1.3cm)) width:: 8-12 inches (20.3cm-30.5cm)
MEDIUM: 3/4" ((1.9cm)) width:: 13-17 inches (33cm-43.2cm)
LARGE: 1" ((2.5cm)) width:: 15-24 inches (38.1cm-61cm)
X-LARGE: 1" ((2.5cm)) width:: 17-26 inches (43.2cm-66cm)