#113 {DOUBLE THE LOVE} Heart Random Color Car Scent


The Car Scents will make your car smell AMAZING! They usually last about 1-2  months, some scents last longer!  Comes with jute to tie in your car, closet, classroom, ANYWHERE!  Often I get used to the scent but others getting in my car says that is smells AWESOME!

Shapes & Colors are Assorted.  I've been ordering Buffalo shapes in random colors.  These are bigger than most and you get MORE scent/smell!!  These are colorful, sparkly and you will be HOOKED!

Caution: Please do not lay Car Fresheners on wood or other surfaces, they do contain fragrance oils that may stain. Always hang the car freshener in your vehicle, do not lay on the dash. Do not eat. This is not a toy.